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The Divine Blueprint Program

Increase Your Energy with the 6-week Online Signature Course

Coming Soon in the Nurology Academy

Violet Stars


means the VERY ESSENCE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE ! The Divine Blueprint is deeply inherent in your most inner being. Claiming back the truth of your inner chore means a GREAT SHIFT IN AWARENESS, PERCEPTION, REALITY !

About The Divine Blueprint Program

This is the signature program of the Nurology Academy. A lot of expertise, experience, time, effort and client success stories went into designing this special QUANTUM LEAP COURSE IN YOUR PERSONAL HISTORY !

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What you'll experience

Module 1 - 4

Power Purification

The introduction comes with a powerful high energy healing framework, developed by NUROLOGY Founder, Ala Nur Ahmad. The foundation for lasting success at many levels starts here at the first modules.

Module 5

Increase Your Energy

Increase your energy with powerful tools for resetting and awakening. We go through heart purification, self-identification, and reality creation. Your new life starts here !

Module 6 - 7

Your Potential Path

Quantum leap to Universal Awareness where modern tools are being used to readjustment for living from the heart with a liberated soul in truly Divine Service, Holistic Health and Path of Purpose.

7 Highly Specialized Modules

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Power Purification

Detox for Body, Mind, Soul levels, intense. HEART PURIFICATION is one if the most powerful tools for a strong chore point. It is relevant for being able to feel, share, receive LOVE as the VITAL FORCE OF LIFE !


Holy Healing

We apply the special framework and insights of the Holistic Healing path that was successfully applied with many clients for the foundational being in emotional stability, gratitude, lightful being in pure potential.


Top Transformation

This is the path we take to guide you from your lower self being to your higher self being. This SHIFT IN AWARENESS enables you to go from lack to abundance, from being a victim to taking part in your creation & your reality.

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Love & Light

LOVE ACTIVATION is one of the most essential lessons to learn. It is included in the Divine Blueprint Program as LOVE IS ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY HUMAN BEING ON EARTH, so get on THE MASTERY HERE !


Increase Your Energy

This section comes with handy tools for immediate and lasting energy increase that is leading over time to a high vibe personality who is able to attract rather than chase after whatever it is...


Universal Awareness

Training the Divine Reconnection from the heart and gaining a Universal Perspective on all that is will be elevating you towards the QUANTUM LEAP IN SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION !

Northern Lights


Purpose of Potential

This is the journey to discovering your passion, purpose, potential and what you can do with it. So after the reset session, the wider perception helps in finding fulfilling paths of life for lasting change in the world and in the self.


Power Bonus

Divine Service in High Vibe Energy State Universal Awareness means Unity with Creation. Here you will learn how to put your newly earned powers into Divine Service while staying at high energy levels !


Higher Realms for Human Potential


Purpose Passion Fulfilment

Here we are to explore how to best put the newly earned skills into the personal path. How to integrate the new being into the new life and reality ?

In this Nurology Academy Signature Course we will cover

Purple Stars

Presented by Ala Nur,
Founder & Teacher at Nurology Enterprises

Through her programs, she has helped many hundreds of people to reset their life, discover their potential, shine their light and reconnect to the Divine !

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"We are here to remind people of their own inherent lightful power. It is the next step in healthy spiritual evolution to be able to increase inner energy and light frequency. This is what we teach!"

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I want the Divine Blueprint.

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