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WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT & why it is smart to strive for it

In the realm of creation there are light and dense states of light !

These states determine our state of awareness & the way we perceive reality.

To a certain degree we can influence the reality that we are born into in human form !

In this scripture we explore the possibility of HEART LIGHT INFLUX & REALITY CREATION in the context with ENLIGHTENMENT ! So the process of enlightenment goes along with the ASCENSION PROCESS because the lighter the dimension the lower the density and more formable is matter ! Human awareness has got a lot of potential if allowed, liberated and free instead of confined, conditioned, imprisoned !

The Enlightenment Process means the Liberation of Awareness, The Heart, The Soul from dense matter conditions and conditioning towards UNIVERSAL AWARENESS & FREEDOM FOR TEH SOUL & LIFE ON EARTH !

THIS IS THE TIME OF INNER LIBERATION. The Enlightenment Process helps to bring more Universal Light & Energy into the Human System that is actually operating on this light if Awareness is developed enough to direct attention in a conscious and life sustaining way.

So actually the ENLIGHTENMENT PROCESS is very real and occurring the whole time. It is according the structure, the programming, the Soul Plan & Divine Will how things are evolving and the readiness of an aware individual is rapidly accelerating the process. Acceptance leads to more inner peace which again leads to HEART OPENING resulting in being able to process a higher rate of Divine Energy into the human system. This DIVINE LIGHT ENERGY IS THE LIFE FORCE OF ALL CREATION ! It is vital for humanity now to remember their basic essence of which they are made of ! THE MORE LIGHT IN THE HUMAN SYSTEM, THE GREATER THE INFLUENCE ON A LIFE SUSTAINING REALITY TOWARDS UNIVERSAL AWARENESS !

Since Spiritual Evolution for Humanity is moving into that direction already, it is time to get on !

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